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Planning your child’s education is easier than ever now, thanks to Oystrr’s K-12 School Checklist, the #1 education planner in your pocket! School choice information, expert tips, and curated educational resources are now within every parent’s reach.

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With the Oystrr K-12 School Checklist app, you can support your child’s K-12 educational journey with confidence, from their first day in kindergarten to their high school graduation!

Calendar open houses, tours, and testing dates

Calendar your to-dos on a personalized timeline. Customize your tasks and the timeline will automatically update, so you know exactly what’s left to do for each aspect of the admissions process.

Add or check off tasks as you go

Read expert tips, take notes, and add or delete tasks to match your needs.

Read expert tips on applying

Find advice about topics such as how to choose the best fit school for your child, preparing your child for an interview or school visit day, registering for standardized tests, and getting the most out of school open houses.

Learn about private school options

Information on types of private schools including: independent schools; Catholic schools; faithbased schools; single-gender schools; boarding schools; and homeschooling.

Research and explore types of private schools

Real-time virtual school fairs, forthcoming functionality

Learn about public school options

Learn about school choice policy in your state; explore charter schools; find magnet schools; learn about IB, special needs, and advanced placement programs; and discover online public schools.

Research and explore types of public schools

Find the information you need to make the best choice for you child.

Track your progress on admissions

Record the school’s contact information, deadlines, and address.

Designate favorites and take notes

Take notes on the go as you attend open houses, listen to speakers, attend parent-teacher conferences, etc. Forthcoming functionality: attach photos to your notes about the schools.

Use worksheets to plan strategically

Download templates and worksheets to guide you through topics such as the following: writing application essays; applying for financial aid; and choosing the “best fit” school for your child and your family.

Join Oystrr's parent community

Join Oystrr’s parent community and support each other as our children go through school ... Forthcoming functionality: this social media function will allow parents to post comments, ask questions, and add photos.

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Familiarize yourself with education terms

Learn what educators mean when they speak about your child's learning habits, social-emotional development, and student skills. Stay up-to-date on the latest buzz words in education.

Learn about common standardized tests

Discover the many variations of standardized tests given to children. Find out where to access more information about each test, including the following: test-specific test prep materials and how to register; what the test claims to evaluate; and why the test is administered to your child. The tests are alphabetized with convenient links

Explore websites on public education policy and practice

It can be hard enough to follow what's going on in your own industry! Learn what decisions are being made and how they could impact your child with categorized links to critical information.

Find enrichment opportunities for your kids

Many of these opportunities are free of charge, and you can find them in your community.

Know where to turn for guidance on socialemotional development

At the end of the day, success depends more on how well-adjusted your child is socially and emotionally than on how many A's they earned in school. Proactively research sites and organizations that could help your child grow stronger, more confident, and happier

"School choice is about making the best decision
for your children, even if it makes no sense to
anyone else!"

Shanta S. Barnes

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